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Why Should You Hire An Attorney After A Huntersville Motorcycle Accident?

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Why a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is Crucial

One of the great things about our legal system is that nobody is required to have an attorney in order to take legal action. When it comes to small claims court, it’s understandable that someone would want to handle their own case. Nobody wants to pay a lawyer a third of their money (or more) if they don’t have to. There are times, however, when it just isn’t smart to file suit without a lawyer. Huntersville motorcycle accident attorneys spend years, or decades, honing their craft. They have to go to school for three or four years before they can even sit for the bar exam. Then, they have to pass the bar exam – one of the hardest tests there are.

Why Should You Hire An Attorney After A Huntersville Motorcycle Accident?

Nine times out of ten, if you get into a motorcycle crash, you’ll be filing an insurance claim. There are the rare cases where the defendant has no insurance. But, for the most part, driver have insurance.

If you’re dealing with an insurance company, you’re going to want an attorney by your side. Otherwise, the insurance adjuster is going to take advantage of you. This may not sound fair, but it’s the truth. Insurance companies take attorneys a lot more seriously than they do an individual.

The insurance company is also going to have a lawyer – or team or lawyers – working for them. These lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and information that you don’t have. If you retain a motorcycle accident lawyer in Huntersville, you can at least even the playing field.

How Can the Insurance Company Take Advantage of You?

A lot of people think insurance companies play fair. Or, they figure they’re intelligent enough to take on the insurance adjuster. Handling a legal claim has nothing to do with being smart. It’s about having the knowledge required to navigate the court system. It also requires you to have relationships with people in the insurance industry and court system.

When the insurance adjuster learns that you’re not represented, they get excited. They know that you may be desperate for money. You need this money to pay your medical bills or fix your car. They figure they can dangle a small carrot in front of you and you’ll agree to a lowball settlement.

Once they get you to accept their low settlement, they’ll ask you to sign a release form. This form will relieve the insurance company of any further liability. You’ll have to sign this form in order to get your money. Depending on your financial situation, you may agree to just about anything.

The other thing the insurance company will do is withhold information. If you’re not familiar with the rules about discovery, you may be flying blind in court. Your Huntersville motorcycle accident lawyer knows what information they’re entitled to. They’ll file the necessary motions and requests to make sure you get all the information you’re entitled to.

Does it Make Sense to Pay an Attorney?

Some people aren’t really clear about how your Huntersville motorcycle accident lawyer gets paid. It’s not like when you file for divorce and have to pay a large retainer. With a personal injury case, your attorney won’t ask for a retainer upfront. They won’t ask you for thousands of dollars to cover the fees and expenses of a lawsuit.

Instead, you’ll be asked to sign something called a contingency fee agreement. This means that, if you win your case or settle out of court, your motorcycle accident attorney will get a percentage of your money. This percentage will range anywhere from 30-40%.

If your attorney is able to settle your case without having to file suit, the percentage will be lower. Most lawyer charged about 33% for these types of cases. This is because they won’t have to advance as much money in fees and expenses.

If your case does have to go to trial, your lawyer will ask for about 40%. Trials take up a lot of time and can be very expensive. Your lawyer may have to turn down other cases because they’ll be so busy handling yours. They can’t afford to do this if they’re not going to be compensated.

Contact an Experienced Huntersville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you or your loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need help. If your damages are just a few hundred dollars, it may make sense to handle it yourself. But if you’ve been seriously injured, it’s worth it to have an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer by your side.

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