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Can Your Attorney Get Accident Video Evidence

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Videos are Crucial as Evidence

Cameras are everywhere – security cameras, cameras on the streets, police car dash cameras. Almost every object, street or a parking lot has security cameras. Obtaining accident video evidence can be an important part of proving your case.

This is a good thing because often the camera footage can help you prove your case, especially when it comes to auto accidents.

If you were involved in a car accident and filed for a compensation claim for your injuries or damages, the video footage will show clear evidence of who caused the accident.

Can Your Attorney Get Accident Video Evidence

Such footage helped many people prove their innocence and got their deserved settlement (especially, in cases where things were not so clear).

If you are in such circumstances and fear for your financial compensation, make sure you contact a Huntersville auto accident attorney; they should help you recover the footage and prove your innocence.

Let’s see how you can do that and what kind of cameras can help your case.

What Kind of Cameras May Record Your Accident?

These are the types of cameras that can help you get clear footage of your accident.

  • Security cameras – Most businesses today have security cameras. You will find cameras at every gas station or convenience store. In case your accident happened near such an object, the camera might have recorded it. Most business owners will provide the footage without any problems, but in case they refuse to do it, your lawyer would have to send a formal request to get the footage (they would issue a subpoena).
  • Red-light cameras – Nowadays there are no streets without red-light cameras; the main purpose of these cameras is to monitor drivers who run on red lights. If your accident happened near the traffic lights, you can get this footage. Your lawyer would have to submit a formal request with the state to get it.
  • Police car dash cam – If a police car was nearby the area where your accident happened, the dash camera has most definitely recorded the accident. Again, your attorney should submit a legal request to get this footage.
  • Private traffic cameras – Private companies such as news stations, or news organizations install private traffic cameras to observe the traffic. The footage helps them to give updates on accidents, weather conditions, delays because of accidents, or road constructions.
  • Private witness cameras – Sometimes private witnesses can help your case. Although chances are small, bystanders might have recorded your accident. People who wear bicycle helmet cameras can help you, but it is not rare for people to use their smartphone camera and “catch” the accident in their videos. If there were any witnesses, make sure you ask them if they happened to record the accident.

Cameras Record Everything

It is natural to be mad and angry after an accident. People often react poorly in such cases and tend to argue or even start a fight. Be aware of the surroundings; if there are cameras around know that your behavior will be recorded too.

Once you make sure you are all right and that everyone in the accident is well, call medical help. If you can, inspect the area and check if there are any cameras around.

If you see a video camera, make sure you take a photo and write down where exactly you saw it.

Although most people can get footage from the accident, things would go much easier when a lawyer sends a formal request for the footage.

How Can The Footage Help You?

The footage does not lie. A video recording may show if the other driver was distracted, speeding, or if there was a motorcycle involved, it can show whether they were lane splitting, or run a stop sign or a red light.

Cameras are especially helpful in hit-and-run accidents. Such cases are complex without actual footage because there is no liable party.

Hit-and-run accidents happen very fast, leaving the victim unable to even see when the other party left the scene.

Camera footage would be extremely helpful if a driver hits your car while it is in a parking lot. Without the camera, there is no chance for you to find out who did it.

If you are trying to deal with a complex car accident case and believe that it was recorded on a camera, you should ask your attorney to send a formal request to the business or state.

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