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Protecting Workers From Signing Away Their Rights

Know What You Are Signing

Searching for a new job is often a stressful and tedious endeavor. Once you’ve gotten an offer, though, it’s as if the clouds have cleared and it’s all sunshine ahead. In fact, it’s often so exciting that applicants will quickly sign off on whatever paperwork they’re asked to. Unfortunately, this can lead to issues down the road. A contract review and negotiation lawyer in North Carolina may be able to help avoid such issues.

At Harman Law, we know that getting started in your new position is a priority. Unfortunately, we also know that far too many workers don’t fully understand what they’re signing. Employers will often try to gain the upper hand in these contracts — even if the documents seem to overwhelmingly favor the employee. It’s always better to play it safe, so contact Harman Law today to ensure you’re not taken advantage of.

How Can Comprehensive Contract Reviews Help?

When you’re asked to sign an employment contract, one of two things has already happened. Either the company had an attorney create the document with the employer’s best interests in mind, or the company pulled a boilerplate contract off the internet that might not account for your unique situation. In either of these situations, having a North Carolina contract review and negotiation lawyer on your side can prove invaluable.

Your contract will include stipulations regarding wages, benefits, non-disclosure agreements, dispute resolution, non-compete agreements, and termination provisions. These aspects of a contract involve elements that affect you from Day 1 until you leave the company. While it may seem tempting to just sign off and get started, doing so can affect your rights for years to come. A comprehensive contract review can ensure you’re being treated fairly.

Are There Potential Issues With North Carolina Employment Contracts?

There are a variety of issues that you may encounter when dealing with North Carolina employment contracts. This is one of the primary reasons it’s so important to have a legal professional review these documents prior to signing. For instance, non-compete clauses may seem like a common-sense inclusion — but if they’re too strict, they could unnecessarily prevent you from getting another job in the future.

Additionally, it’s important to know that employment agreements fall under basic contract law in North Carolina. This means that any issue which would render a typical contract invalid would do the same for an employment contract. You should also realize that some provisions in these agreements may not be enforceable under the law. With so many potential complications that could arise, it’s clear why job seekers so often employ the services of contract review and negotiation lawyers in Charlotte, Huntersville, and Hickory.

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Do Employment Contracts Affect North Carolina At-Will Regulations?

North Carolina is an at-will employment state. This means that an employer or their workers can terminate their professional relationship at any time — even without giving a specific reason. An employment contract is one way of negating this standard. In fact, it’s why many employees are excited to sign such contracts. These agreements will frequently lay out how and why an individual may be fired, along with the process of doing so.

If such a provision exists in your contract, you’ll typically have better job security than the majority of North Carolina workers. However, the language in your contract could defy your expectations. For instance, failure to provide a definite duration of employment within the contract could be legally construed as employment that’s terminable at will. Even if a contract mentions “permanent employment,” failure to include a duration could render the agreement meaningless.

This is just one of the many complexities of the law regarding employment agreements. Contact Harman Law today and let our contract review and negotiation lawyers in North Carolina help.

Contact a Contract Review and Negotiation Lawyer in North Carolina Today

Getting a new job is an exciting time for anyone, but it’s imperative to not let your excitement lead you into making snap decisions. An employment contract will dictate the entirety of your experience at a new company or in a new position, so make sure you know what you’re signing on for. A North Carolina employment attorney can help make sure any agreement you sign is fair on your behalf.

At Harman Law, our team of legal professionals has spent years serving our local community. We’re constantly handling cases involving employee rights, and we know what constitutes fair treatment in the workplace. If you’ve been asked to sign an agreement by a potential employer, our contract review and negotiation lawyers in Charlotte, Huntersville, and Hickory are ready to help.

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