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Common Road Hazards That Cause Motorcycle Accidents?

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Leading Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can happen because of various reasons such as lane splitting, speeding, intoxication, and distraction. But more often than not, such accidents occur because of road hazards.

Something as simple as road debris, wet surface, or road bumps can cause accidents that could end with severe or even fatal injuries.

No matter how careful of a motorcyclist you are, you could still end up in an accident because of road hazards. If that happens, make sure you get immediate medical help and consult a Huntersville motorcycle accident attorney.

The following are the most common road hazards.

Common Road Hazards That Cause Motorcycle Accidents?

Edge breaks between lanes

Edge breaks between lanes occur when one traffic lane is on a higher or lower than another. Edge breaks are especially dangerous on highways because motorcyclists are riding at high speeds. Motorcyclists must be very cautious when encountering edge breaks and adjust their speed as they are passing over them.

Expansion and bridge joints

The piece of metal that connects sections of the road is called an expansion joint. A bridge joint is the same piece of metal that connects parts of a bridge.

These joints are important because they let the concrete expand without breaking. However, these joints create big gaps in the road that can easily trap the motorcycle wheels.

When passing over such joints, motorcyclists should avoid changes in speed and keep the wheels straight line while passing over them.

Railroad crossings

Motorcycle tires can easily be stuck on the tracks of railroad crossings. This could lead to the rider being easily thrown off the motorcycle. These crossings are dangerous when the wood between the tracks is wet or slippery. The wheels on the motorcycle may lose friction, so it would be difficult for the rider to maintain control over the motorcycle.

To lower the risk of a crash while riding over railroad crossings the rider could travel over them in a perpendicular line. Don’t move over railroad crossings at an angle or diagonally. The speed should be adapted as well, or even better, the motorcyclist should slow down as they approach the tracks.


Gravel makes the wheels lose friction. This leads to the motorcycle sliding out from under the rider. Gravel is especially critical on curves because the rider should shift their body weight to navigate around the curve.

When riding through gravel, the rider should minimize the lean of their motorcycle and avoid swerving, quick braking, or accelerating. Consistent speed is the best way to pass through a gravel area and if the rider must slow down, they should apply the graves gradually.

Wet surface

The wet surface can lead to hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is most dangerous when light rain blends with the oil debris on the roadway. Motorcycles are exposed to a higher risk than in a car because only two wheels are gripping the road.

The rider should brake gradually and very cautiously. Abrupt speed reduction leads to tire friction and the rider can easily lose control of the motorcycle.

If the road is wet, always make sure you slow down and slowly accelerate to keep the balance of the motorcycle.

Roadway debris

Roadway debris includes rocks, leaves, pieces of tires, tree branches, and things that fell from other vehicles, such as garbage, tools, or clothing. Riding over such objects can be dangerous, and the items can also hit the rider, which could easily cause serious injuries.

Adjust the speed when riding over roadway debris and maneuver your motorcycle around it.

If you cannot maneuver around it, ride with caution, keep the motorcycle straight and avoid quick braking or accelerating.


Animals often cross the road and put all drivers in danger. But they can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists. Dogs, squirrels or possums are not unusual road visitors.

In most cases, motorcyclists cause harsh accidents when they try to avoid animals. In case you see an animal on the road, check your mirrors and blind spot and continue riding with caution. The vehicles behind you might not be able to break as fast as you, nor there is a guarantee that they saw the animal on the road.

Always keep your speed adjusted so you can react safely to avoid whatever is on the road (animals, other vehicles, debris, or road bumps).

If you were involved in an accident that occurred because of road hazards, make sure you consult an attorney.

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