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Can You Sue Uber If You Get Into An Accident?

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Understanding Uber Accidents

One of the greatest inventions of the last decade has been ridesharing companies. People no longer have to worry about finding a designated driver when they go out partying. And, people who don’t drive now have a way to get around.

Uber drivers literally provide their clients with door to door service. You can arrange for a ride simply by using an app on your cell phone. You now have a convenient method of transportation for a reasonable price. But Uber drivers aren’t perfect.

Can You Sue Uber If You Get Into An Accident?

The people who drive for Uber are rarely professional drivers. Most of them are people looking to make a few extra dollars at night or on the weekends. They don’t drive for a living. They’re just as likely to make a mistake as anyone else.

No matter how careful Uber drivers are, they’re still at risk of getting into a crash. North Carolina car accident lawyer are aware of this. They are seeing more of these cases walk through their doors every year.

If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, you may have a claim for damages. Call and meet with an Uber accident lawyer in Hickory, North Carolina. Your attorney can help determine if you can file a suit against Uber directly or if you need to pursue the driver.

Uber Drivers Are Not Employees

Unlike commercial drivers, Uber drivers are not technically employees. They’re considered independent contractors for legal purposes. This is by design. Uber doesn’t want to be held liable for the actions of their drivers.

Because they’re not employees, Uber isn’t vicariously liable for the mistakes Uber drivers make. So, if an Uber driver gets into an accident, you have to go after their insurance. You can’t really file suit against Uber.

The good news is that if the driver’s insurance policy doesn’t cover all of your injuries, Uber does carry insurance as well. They have to maintain at least $1 million in coverage in case their drivers’ insurance doesn’t cover a rider’s injuries.

This also applies if, for some reason, the Uber driver’s policy isn’t valid. If they don’t have insurance, or their insurance company denies your claim, you have the option of filing a claim against Uber’s insurance.

Uber is Rarely Liable for Uber Accidents

While Uber is rarely responsible for the actions of their drivers, they do have some liability. If Uber does something wrong in screening or hiring their drivers, they can be held responsible. They’re also responsible for making sure their drivers keep their cars safe and in good working order.

Some of the things that you can sue Uber for include:

  • Failure to screen their drivers when they hire them
  • Hiring people with a poor driving record
  • Hiring drivers that have a criminal record
  • Failing to ensure that they periodically run background checks on long-term drivers

If your accident is due to any of these reasons, you may be able to sue Uber directly. The good news is that these cases often settle. Uber doesn’t want the negative publicity associated with a lawsuit.

Keep in mind, however, Uber will do whatever possible to avoid liability. They’ll push the responsibility off on their drivers wherever possible. With the number of Uber drivers on the road, the company can’t afford to be held liable for every mistake their drivers make. This is why liability is limited to actual mistakes by the company itself rather than their drivers.

Who Can File a Claim Against an Uber Driver or Uber?

You can file a claim against Uber or one of their drivers whether you’re a passenger in an Uber car or a third party. If your car is hit by an Uber driver, you can file a claim against their insurance.

It really comes down to who caused the accident. If it was the Uber driver, you’ll file a claim against them. If another car caused the crash, you can file a claim against their insurance company. It’s similar any other type of car accident. It all comes down to fault.

Contact an Experienced Uber Accident Attorney Today

If you’re injured while riding in an Uber, you need to contact an Uber accident lawyer at Harman Law. They can review your case and answer any questions you may have. They’ll also let you know what your case may be worth.

Call Harman Law today at (704) 286-0947 and schedule your initial consultation. It’s absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your case. The Uber driver will have an attorney working for them and you should too.