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I’m not going to lie to you: Things are tough right now. Thousands of people are sick, and millions have lost their jobs. Just like you, my team and I are trying to adjust to this new normal, and it hasn’t been easy.

That said, in our line of work we’ve seen hundreds of people recover from terrible accidents, injuries, and economic circumstances. We’ve helped people wrongfully terminated win compensation, and seen those injured walk out of the hospital with pride. Over the years, we’ve learned from our clients how to be brave and keep our chins up in a crisis.

None of us anticipated this pandemic, but we’re prepared to cope with it. Here are some resources to help you stay optimistic.

We’ll Get Through This Together

Your Daily Dose of Positivity

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by negativity, Good News Network is the perfect antidote to all of the doom and gloom. This website highlights happiness, and will even email you a daily “Morning Jolt of Good News.”

Your Self-Care Headquarters

When you’re mentally exhausted, it can be difficult to put in the effort to take care of yourself. However, your health is more important now than ever! Check out these self-care tips from self-help guru Tony Robbins or these ideas from Oprah for inspiration.

Your New Support Network

When you feel alone, connecting with others in your shoes can be a comfort. Mental Health America can connect you to a support group for almost any struggle, and if you’ve lost your job, Help Guide has tips on how to stay connected to friends, family, and others during this tough time.

If there is anything my team and I can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out at (704) 286-0947. I’m confident that together, we can weather this crisis and come out stronger on the other side!