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I Just Learned I’m Being Sued for a Personal Injury Claim. What Do I Do?

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Being involved in an accident is frustrating and can lead to complications. Finding out that you are now being accused of fault or pursued for damages only adds to that frustration. You don’t have to navigate the next steps alone. Work with an experienced attorney that can guide you through the process so that you aren’t making untimely or costly mistakes along the way. They can help you with several aspects, such as handling communications and negotiations, helping you stay on track with deadlines, and helping to ease your mind by explaining the next steps.

I Just Learned I’m Being Sued for a Personal Injury Claim What Do I Do

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Car Accidents in North Carolina?

Each state has specific timelines associated with how long each party has to file a claim. That time is three years for a personal injury claim after an accident in NC. This means that whether damages for injuries or personal property are being pursued, this must occur within three years from the date of the incident. It is imperative to have thorough documentation of accidents you have been involved in. If it has passed the three-year threshold since the accident occurred, you can likely work with an attorney to have the case dismissed entirely.

What is Contributory Negligence?

Some states are “at-fault” or “no-fault” states. North Carolina is a little unique because it follows a contributory negligence rule. This can mean that you cannot legally pursue damages if you share any fault in causing the accident.

This can mean that if it can be proven that all parties involved in the accident share fault, other parties may not be legally able to pursue you for damages. It can be crucial to have an experienced attorney review the facts of the case and help you to determine whether contributory negligence is a factor and what validity the claim against you may or may not have.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Accidents are scary and frustrating, even without an impending lawsuit. Having a knowledgeable and trusted attorney on your side can help ease your mind and provide professional guidance that can be invaluable to the outcome of your case. They are trained and experienced in these cases and can provide a valuable perspective and assemble an effective plan to move forward.