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What Should I Do If I’ve Been Hit in a Crosswalk in North Carolina?

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A harmful pedestrian accident can happen to anyone. Even the most careful person using a crosswalk and following traffic signs and signals still runs the risk of getting struck by a negligent or reckless driver. But what should you do if you’ve been hit by a car while in a crosswalk in North Carolina? A helpful pedestrian accident attorney can outline the steps you should take following your collision and why these actions are essential.

Seek Prompt Medical Care

The most crucial action you can take to protect both your health and your legal rights following a pedestrian accident is getting a medical examination as soon as possible. If your injuries are severe, call 911 or have a bystander call for you. However, getting prompt care is important even if you believe the accident was minor and you only have superficial injuries. Many serious injuries may not be immediately apparent because the pain is masked by adrenaline after a frightening accident, or the damaged tissues haven’t yet swelled enough to cause discomfort.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Hit in a Crosswalk in North Carolina?

Getting rapid medical care can help a personal injury case in many ways. Your medical records will clearly tie your injuries to your crosswalk accident and provide a comprehensive picture of the damage done to your body. You can also start treatment for your injuries right away. With evidence of conscientious care, it is challenging for an insurance company to counter that your injuries were not as severe as you claimed.

Contact Local Authorities

You should always call the police following a pedestrian accident. A police report contains key evidence and information regarding the accident that can benefit your case. The responding officer will also record their opinion of what happened and who was at fault for the collision. Ensure you understand how to obtain a copy of this report once it is completed.

Gather Information

Collect the contact and insurance information of the driver who struck you. If there were eyewitnesses, ask for their names and contact information. Witness statements can bolster your case against a negligent driver. Pictures and video of the accident scene are also important because they can clearly show that the accident occurred while you were in the crosswalk.

Practice Good Record Keeping

Documenting the accident and its aftermath can significantly help your personal injury case. Memories can fade over time, so write down or make a recording of your recollection of the crash as soon as possible after the incident. Documentation helps you keep your story consistent in all details as your case progresses.

Practice Good Record Keeping after a Pedestrian Accident

Keeping all bills, receipts, and other documentation related to your injuries and recovery is essential for properly calculating your economic losses from the accident. Non-economic losses are less tangible, but you can show how your injuries have impacted your life by keeping a diary during your recovery. Record your pain levels, sleep disruptions, activities you had to cancel, and other tolls the injuries have taken on you and your loved ones.

Be Mindful of Your Statements

If questioned, many people have a tendency to tell others that they are okay following an injury and downplay any pain they are feeling. However, if you’ve been the victim of a pedestrian accident, you must stay aware of your comments and avoid saying anything that could harm your case. Otherwise, these statements could be used against you later. When interacting with the police or insurance adjusters, always stick to the facts and don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know” or “I need to consult with my lawyer” if you are unsure of an answer.

Another topic you should remain aware of is the potential impact of your social media activity. Lawyers and insurance companies frequently check social media posts in an attempt to discredit claims. Even something as innocent as posting images of yourself smiling or having fun with your family following an accident could be construed as evidence that you were not severely injured. In most situations, taking a break from social media until your case has concluded is the safest choice. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide further guidance on handling your conversations and comments about the accident and protecting your legal rights.

Why Is It So Important to Take These Actions After You've Been Struck in a Crosswalk?

North Carolina is one of only four states that follows the pure contributory negligence rule. Under this rule, victims are barred from collecting compensation for their damages if they contributed in any way to their accident. However, some exceptions to this rule do exist.

Why Is It So Important to Take These Actions After You've Been Struck in a Crosswalk?

A knowledgeable lawyer can evaluate your claim and determine your legal options. In any case, strong evidence of the driver’s negligence and proof that you were legally in the crosswalk are critical to a successful pedestrian accident claim.

Why Contact a Trusted Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Keeping track of everything you need to do following an accident while juggling your recovery, family responsibilities, bills, and more can quickly become overwhelming. A personal injury attorney can handle the legal aspects of your crosswalk accident case while you focus on healing and spending time with your loved ones. By reaching out to a skilled lawyer as soon as you can after your accident, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of recovering full compensation for your damages.

A compassionate lawyer from Harman Law can evaluate your case, collect evidence, ensure all documents are filed within the statute of limitations, negotiate with the insurance company, and take your lawsuit to trial if necessary. Don’t allow your opportunity to seek justice slip away. Contact our law office today for the honest legal guidance you deserve: 704-286-0947.