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How Much Can You Expect From A Pain And Suffering Settlement From A Car Crash?

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The Truth about Settlements

Once you start recovering from your car accident injuries, it is time to seek a settlement for it. But, you need to understand that no matter how many stories about these settlements you’ve heard, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the same.

Speculating is only that; your case is different, and it doesn’t mean you will collect $100,000 for a broken arm or leg. Even if you had the same injuries as other people, your settlement will not be identical.

Your friends and family can assume and guess how high your compensation would be, the best answer you’ll get from your North Carolina car accident lawyer. Only they could help you determine the value of your claim.

How Much Can You Expect From A Pain And Suffering Settlement From A Car Crash

How Much Can You Collect for Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering claims are uncertain until the party at fault agrees to pay a fair amount and you accept it (or in some cases, the settlement is the jury’s decision).

Another thing you need to know is that pain and suffering damages are not easy for counting, and are not the same for everyone. It is as unique as your accident injury and your post-accident recovery. Some people can expect to get $50 000, while others might not even get $10,000 (even if they had the same injury).

Pain and Suffering Settlement Calculators

Although these calculators exist, they are often useless. Keep in mind that insurance companies don’t use these pain and suffering calculators. This is because an insurance company is not interested to put their huge amounts of money available for people injured in accidents. Imagine how much money they would have to pay you only by asking you a few questions and collecting basic information.

To determine pain and suffering, insurance companies would use more than seventy factors before they calculate the settlement. This is why people who got the same injuries get various settlements (some get high, others get truly small amounts).

Can You Collect More Money For Pain and Suffering if Your Car is Totaled?

You can expect a higher car accident settlement if your car is totaled. In this case, your damage is big. When it comes to your injuries, the main question is how serious your injury was and how long did the recovery last?

If you ended up with fractures that required surgery, physical therapy, needles or plates, then you are considered as someone who had a severe injury that took a long time to recover. A person who is in pain will have a hard time to move and go from one place to another (this is especially important for back and brain injuries).

The recovery time is crucial, but this is different for everyone. Not every person heals the same. Fractured bones may take a shorter time to recover than back injuries. If you seem to heal in record time, you might face reduced pain and suffering settlement.

Should You Seek It?

Some accidents are minor and don’t cause people harsh injuries. No matter how serious your accident was, make sure you consult with your attorney before seeking your pain and suffering settlement.

In case you cannot get your claim with the insurers, you would have to file a lawsuit. This is not an easy process and often takes a long time. It can be stressful and is best done with the help of a skilled attorney.

Before you seek your claim or file a lawsuit, be sure if your injury is worthy of the effort. Your lawyer would know best if you should seek it or not. For example, if you came out of the accident with a few scratches or a sprained ankle, you should not bother seeking pain and suffering settlement (and you will most likely not get it for such small injuries).

Many lawyers would try to settle a case with a letter, before filing a lawsuit. This letter explains why the other party is at fault and describes your medical condition and treatment. And while such letters are not necessary to get an offer from the insurance company, sending them shows your organization, dedication and intelligence.

No matter how severe of an injury you had, we advise you to begin the process with the help of a car accident attorney. Our team at Harman Law has experience in this area. We will review your case and tell you what you can expect in the further process. Call Harman Law today at (704) 286-0947 and schedule your consultation.