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What’s The Difference Between A Tractor Trailer Accident And A Car Accident?

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Tractor Trailer Accident VS Car Accident

Some of the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents are tractor trailer accidents. Truck accident lawyers in North Carolina see more than their fair share of these types of cases every year.

The injuries in these types of crashes are very serious. Sadly, many truck accident victims don’t survive their injuries. This is why they’re so much more devastating than your typical car accident.

Truck drivers are trained to be careful. They’re supposed to always be mindful of every move they make on the road. They drive humungous, powerful machines. They have a responsibility to be careful or people die.

What’s The Difference Between A Tractor Trailer Accident And A Car Accident?

Some of the major differences between tractor trailer accidents and car accidents have to do with the following things:

  • Types and severity of injuries
  • Main causes of accidents
  • Responsible parties and defendants

Your truck accident lawyer in North Carolina knows the difference in these types of crashes. They will fight to make sure, in either case, that you get the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accidents Cause Very Serious Injuries

Truck accident victims tend to suffer much more serious injuries than car accident victims. Sure, there are some very serious, even fatal, car crashes. But, on average, truck accidents are a bit more serious.

Passenger vehicles simply don’t stand a chance when hit by a huge tractor trailer. There isn’t enough metal in the world to protect the driver when he’s hit by a large truck. This is even more true when on the highway.

When trucks are traveling at fast speeds, any impact suffered in a crash will be devastating. This is why so many truck accident victims don’t survive. Tractor trailer crashes have more fatalities per accident than any other type of motor vehicle accident.

This means that truck accident victims usually require surgery and physical therapy following their accident. Many are never able to work again. This causes the damages in these cases to be much higher than they are for car accidents.

The Causes of Tractor Trailer Crashes and Car Accidents Are Different

Most motor vehicle accidents are caused by similar things. People make mistakes while behind the wheel. The main causes of car accidents tend to be the same as those for truck accidents. Some of these causes include:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Careless or reckless driving

However, there are several causes of tractor trailer accidents that we don’t see with car accidents. Truckers carry large loads of cargo from one end of the country to the other. Between this and the sheer size of these machines, there are bound to be more risks.

Some of the main causes of tractor trailer accidents include:

  • Lack of training: If someone isn’t trained properly, there’s a good chance they’ll get into an accident.
  • Mechanical Failure: This can be caused by anything from bad brakes to issues with the wheels.
  • Oversized Trucks: If a driver isn’t accustomed to handling a large truck, they’ll be prone to make mistakes.
  • Driver Inexperience: Some drivers are new to the job. Early in their career, they’re liable to make many fateful mistakes.
  • Fatigue: Truck drivers work a lot of hours. When they get overtired, they make careless mistakes.
  • Overloaded Trucks: If they’re trying to transport more cargo than what is safe, they can get into serious accidents.

Your North Carolina truck accident lawyer will work hard to prove causation.

Who is Responsible for Your Accident?

If you get into a car accident, your lawyer will try to prove the other driver was at fault. You’ll have to file your claim against the other driver’s insurance company. Hopefully, your claim will be paid. If not, your North Carolina car accident lawyer will file a lawsuit against the other driver.

With a tractor trailer accident, there could be more than one party at fault. Some of these parties may include:

  • The driver – He was the person directly responsible for your accident.
  • The company he works for: The driver’s employer carries auto insurance to cover your injuries.
  • The company he’s carrying product for – If they overloaded truck or loaded dangerous products that caused extensive injuries, they may be held liable.
  • The garage or mechanic who services the truck – If the crash was due to mechanical failure, they may need to be named in the suit.
  • Manufacturer or the truck or its parts – If there was a defect in a truck part that caused the accident, they could be liable.

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